Squidward tentacles is the squid which always hated Weegee and Malleo. In the forein legion, squidward kil;led malleo. Then Super malleo tried to kill weegee but napoleon helped weege kill spongebob. Malleo was put into the cauldron of evil, but failed to revive. Squidward after that, hated spongebob and had hatred to kill weegee, for turning him into a squidward mutated weegee. He then wanted to take over nintendo, which he sucseeded. He then went for Sony, to take over the Playstation system. But Mario And Luigi and the rest of the nintendo defended nintendo HQ. Squidward went, defeated.

Squeegee EvolutionEdit

After squidward met weegee, weegee's weegee ray, mutated squidward into Squeegee.

Recent ActivityEdit

Squeegee was thrown into the cauldron of good. He was then transformed him to regular Squidward Tentacles. He is seen in Bikini Bottom

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